Accessible City Bus

ACBus is a research project consulted by Umeå Municipality, to define ideal public transportation experience in city travel.

A broad user research is done to analyze needs and problems to be met in future citybus travel experience.

Rescue Bottle

Emergency Drink

Designing for emergency,  Rescue Bottle is a water purifier concept that filters contaminated water and provides a rehydration drink which is a mixture of electrolytes and basic nutritions, to supplement 16 batches of rescue drinks for 3 days.

Tram Concept

in collaboration with Alstom

Stockholm Tram is designed in collaboration with Alstom, for the city Stockholm to create public awareness and interest in use of lightrail systems in public transportation.

Self Scanner

for airline passengers

Analyzing problem areas and user needs in domestic air travel in Sweden, Self Scanner is one of many service opportunities that were envisioned for Scandinavian Airlines.

Turkish Coffee Back to Basics

Turkish Coffee is redesign of a tradition, stressing the story and importance of coffee in our lives.  It is a search for authenticity and evocative moments in our speeding world.


Smoke Detector For Kids

Creating awareness and preparedness for fire with a playful smoke detector "Sneeze" which encourages kids to play with its test button.


Canensol Alternative Energy

During the time spent as product responsible and industrial designer in Canensol Alternative Energy, niche LED lightings were designed and produced for indoor and outdoor architectural projects. Main responsibilities included concept creation, concept engineering, CAD development, rapid prototyping and production planning&follow up.


Concept and Production

Consulted by several jewelry companies, both conventional and contemporary techniques were used in design and production of mainly gold jewelry and accessories. The process included trend analysis, new concept creation, product development and manufacturing supervising.