On New Material Culture

Industrial Design is modern craftsmanship


Industrial designers are modern craftsmen who create the world that surrounds not only humans, but all beings and that becomes a medium for all to live, experience and form a common culture.


Until a few hundreds years ago, craftsmen had been the heart of societies. They created tools  to meet humans' needs in their daily lives and rituals. Their workshops were their workplaces, trade points and homes, where they were able to live and connect with people.


Today Industrial Design has become a modern craftmanship that crafts our habitat, changes our expectations from human-object relationship and codes our instincts. It builds a human-centric world with creations, which embody tangible and virtual experiences. These experiences establish a new social culture with pre-designed emotions, stories, behaviors, even myths.


We are witnessing a new formation of industrial human culture which is designed from scratch to be experienced in our homes, offices, parking lots, airports, highways, pet-shops, parks and our own bodies. These experiences do not last long and they are not passed from older generations to newer and they do not create a common cultural heritage. In fact, they are very momentary (compared to human history) technology-driven experiences that only lasts shorter than lifespan of humans.


In other words, we are witnessing a shift in our cultural heritage which is not only built by experiences of human generations anymore, but also related to our own experiences of industrial product generations..

  • Philips Design Healthcare - since June 2013

    Working at Philips Design Healthcare since June 2013 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

    visit www.design.philips.com

  • All Design Istanbul Conference, 2013

    Attending to All Design Conference Istanbul as a speaking guest on 22nd & 23rd February.


  • Elle Decor -2012

    Received the "Young Designer Of Year" award by Elle Decor Magazine Turkey.


    The award ceremony took place in Istanbul, 8th February 2012 .

  • Learning Curves -2011

    Rescue Bottle's design process is shown as a case study in Learning Curves (2011, Klara Sjölén and Allan Macdonald), which is "a brand new sketch book, aimed at teaching how to really learn to sketch".


    It's a perfect source book for design students and professionals with it's variety of contents and it's quality.

    visit designsketching.com

  • Seoul Design Olympics 2010

    Rescue Bottle was exhibited in Seoul Design Olympics 2010 in "Design For All" exhibition, which was a show case of eco design and social design.

  • Shanghai Expo, 2010

    Rescue Bottle was exhibited in Shanghai Expo at Design Inspiring Humanisim Exhibition, organized by Tongji University.

  • Cumulus Green Award, 2009

    Rescue Bottle Project won Cumulus Green Award.

    The award ceremony took place during Cumulus 38º Conference in Melbourne.

    visit cumulusassociation.com

  • Design Inspiring Humanism -Silver Prize, 2009

    Rescue Bottle won silver prize in "Design Inspiring Humanism Award" and received the award in a ceremony organized by Tongji University in Shanghai.

  • Designing Water's Future -Finalist, 2009

    Rescue Bottle is selected as a finalist in INDEX: AIGA Aspen Design Challange: Designing Water's Future.


    As a part of the challange, two workshops were attended in Aspen Colorado and Copenhagen Denmark to refine the concept and develop a business plan with social entrepreneurs and other 6 finalists.

    read FastCompany article on the project and award

  • Umeå Institute of Design -MFA, 2009